Saturday, December 20, 2008


I'm not sure what it is, 3 kids - 2 in school this year, Piper being 2, me getting old, or what - but, life seems to have taken on turbo speed. Earlier this fall, I started to feel...squeezed, pulled, tired, busy, you know -just how the good Lord intended - NOT!

I listened to a talk by Henry Cloud, the author of Boundaries, and all sorts of light bulbs came on for me. The title of the talk was "Endings, the key to good beginnings". I really want to write a post on what he said, but the main point that really changed some things for me was that for certain seasons, we have to put an end to certain good things, to make room for another good thing. Our life is basically time and energy, and we each only have certain amount. What happens to your budget when you don't manage your money on purpose? Same thing with your time and energy. The day is over and you wonder where it went.

I spent some time thinking about the main things I wanted to spend my time and energy on daily. I have finally surrendered to the fact that if I'm going to workout, it's going to mean waking up at 5:15 and doing it before the kids wake up. I cannot tell you what a difference that is making. I spend about 45 on the treadmill listening to John Piper, or John Waller (usually a mix of the two), praying, and sweating like crazy. I ask God to help me with my time, and allow Him to bring to mind anything I need to do (or be) that day, and just get myself in a place where I am open to hearing His voice.

Putting this first in my day changes the rest of the day, and leaves me ready for bed by 9:00 pm! I am feeling so much more positive and productive, and actually more available for the people in my life. I've had to end some things that I enjoy in order to fit the main things in first. Writing on the blog has been one of the things that has dropped off as I get used to my new schedule. I used to write or at least start my posts at night. That time is now spent, well, sleeping! I am looking at this as a season where I settle into a new routine and am trying to give myself plenty of grace(a struggle at times) as I have to press pause on some things I think are important, just maybe not as important as some other things right now. I don't think that it's a coincidence that I heard this message just before a friend of mine went through a pretty major crisis. I was able to see clearly that God wanted me to be there for her, and put praying for her and walking with her through this trial as one of the things that was a priority, for this season. It was so clear.

Piper requires lots of mommy time and gets into mischief pretty quickly if left on her own for too long! I am a little sad that I've not been able to record on the blog some of her funnies lately. I told my mom that she is either going to keep me young or make me old. My mom thinks the latter.

We are all getting excited for Christmas, but none more than Ella(6). Every morning she crosses off another day on the calendar, and exclaims "I just don't think I can wait!!!". We got to talk to Santa at our town's Christmas festival, and while Hunter(8) is beginning to ask questions, he still believes! We've never made a big deal about Santa, but have treated it as a fun game to try and figure out. Hunter says he thinks it's really God who gives Santa the idea to give gifts. Oh, he is so right! He just doesn't yet know who Santa really is. Santa only gets credit for usually one gift and their stockings. I like to have everything else wrapped and under the tree ahead of time.

What a difference a year makes! This time last year, my dad was still struggling through chemo, and we we'd just learned of my mom's breast cancer that would require surgery at the beginning of the year. Unbelievably, they are both doing really well. Both done with their treatments, my dad having had several clear scans in a row! Thank. You. Lord.

I'm headed to Target and Ikea this morning, along with several thousand others I'm sure. If any of my bloggy friends is still checking up on us (I know at least a couple of you are), hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

***Blogger is not letting me post pictures right now. I'll be back later for that. Just not sure when later will be!