Friday, April 17, 2009

Celebrating the "lasts"

I just put to bed my 2 year old for the last time tonight. When she wakes in the morning, she'll be 3.
All day, as we went about our business - Barnes and Noble, grocery store, Target...I just soaked her up, in all of her 2 year old glory.
When I told her to 'come on' in Target, and she used all her strength to tell me "I DON'T WANT TO!", I took in the sight of her and smiled. She smiled back.
I took my time as I zipped up her red footie pajamas, and gave her lots of extra hugs and kisses before bed. She let me rock her like a baby before she raced around her room in her pink piggy slippers.
I love this girl, more than I can communicate in any coherent way. She is strength, and beauty, and grace to me.
Happy Birthday, Piper Grace!