Sunday, July 13, 2008

You might be having a bad hair day if...

You are "fixing" your hair in the bathroom mirror at church, when a complete stranger casually asks you if you've ever tried a hair product called "Frizz Remedy"!

I am not even kidding. This happened to me today. No, I had not had time to flat iron my hair, and it was humid outside, but are you kidding me???

So in case you are interested, you can apparently purchase "Frizz Remedy" at ULTA and they are having a buy 2 get one free sale! Who knew?

Apparently not me.


ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Oh my word!! I can't believe someone said that to you!! I'm so glad you have a sense of humor about it though! =)

Thanks soooo much for your encouragement to me. It means the world!! I need to look into that book you mentioned. It might be a good resource to bring in during this study. Is it a book or a bible study? I'll have to google her. =) Thanks for sharing that.


Kay Martin said...

There are people everywhere who think their purpose is to "fix" everyone that they think needs fixing. Now, the sad news is that that woman is probably giving herself a pat on the back to congratulate herself on all the "help" she has spread around the church this weekend.

All you can do is laugh...and love her later when you can. Then you can pray for her.

I can think of many of these "fixers" that love to tell me how I can improve myself.

Great post.

Peapod Four said...

Boy, you are just all full of giggles lately! Did you catch your frog yet?