Friday, April 17, 2009

Celebrating the "lasts"

I just put to bed my 2 year old for the last time tonight. When she wakes in the morning, she'll be 3.
All day, as we went about our business - Barnes and Noble, grocery store, Target...I just soaked her up, in all of her 2 year old glory.
When I told her to 'come on' in Target, and she used all her strength to tell me "I DON'T WANT TO!", I took in the sight of her and smiled. She smiled back.
I took my time as I zipped up her red footie pajamas, and gave her lots of extra hugs and kisses before bed. She let me rock her like a baby before she raced around her room in her pink piggy slippers.
I love this girl, more than I can communicate in any coherent way. She is strength, and beauty, and grace to me.
Happy Birthday, Piper Grace!


Peapod Four said...

Happy Birthday Piper!!

What a fun surprise! I left your blog on my blogger dashboard following list, even though you didn't think you'd be blogging anymore. Such fun to find a new post listed today!! The kids look great. Piper is growing up so much...she's gaining that preschool girl look. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

So glad you posted these pictures! The pictures of the kids are great. They are all getting so big. Hope all of you had a great weekend celebrating.
Love you, miss you, and of course thinking of you -
Sydney, Ryleigh, and Kristine