Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Moving on is harder than it looks

Now that China's weather emergency seems to have settled down, I can move on to the decorating emergency developing in our home.

My floral sofa and I have had a rocky relationship lately, ever since the new wood floors came to town actually. The floors changed the look of everything, and got my eye wandering to new, simple sofas.

In an impulsive moment, late one December night, I posted pictures of my loyal floral sofa on Craigslist, and offered it up for sale. I received several responses, which mostly ended with people named "Victoria Smith" and "Amy Letsmakeadeal" offering to wire me money from Brazil straight to my bank account, and could I give them account information please?

I gave up and decided to try and work things out with my loyal floral sofa. After all, it doesn't show a darn thing, and believe me, my kids have tested this out thoroughly. And, we have a history together, we know each other well, and that has to count for something.

But then, everything changed. Last week I recieved an email from "Sweetie". "Sweetie" had seen my listing on Craigslist and wanted to know how long my loyal floral sofa is. Nice try, "Sweetie". I emailed her back a short, curt response.

"It's 82" long. CASH ONLY. LOCAL ONLY." And no, you can't have my bank account number.

She emailed me back saying how much she loved my beautiful sofa. It was just what she was looking for. Could I send her some more pictures, please? After many emails back and forth, "Sweetie" appears to be a real live person who apparently "adores" my sofa. She is sending her husband over tonight to PAY FOR IT WITH CASH!

How did this happen? Months ago, we were a happy pair, and now I am faced with saying goodbye to my loyal floral sofa, and more importantly find a younger fresher substitute. I have my eye on one, but it's a little risky, however I'm in a dangerous mood.

But, we have to wait and see if Mr. "Sweetie" actually shows up with real CASH tonight. I've already made my emotional break with the "Sweeties" new loyal floral sofa. Ella, on the other hand is having some trouble dealing with the loss.

The drama, it is dramatic.

Trying to empathize, I gently said, "we've had a lot of fun on that couch, haven't we? Reading books, talking, watching shows..." My plan was to then talk about how we'd do all the same stuff on our new younger sofa.

She interrupted me saying, "I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!!!"

All of this on the Eve of Chinese New Year. I hope our family can weather this storm and come out on the other end stronger, closer, and with some real live CASH!

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Melissa said...

I have this kinda luck with Craig's list too. One wanted me to cash a large check he was sending me and had already mailed it. Well, I Never got it and I wasn't going to cash it either. I only get the weird stuff though on the furniture lists.