Saturday, February 02, 2008

National Emergency

Though we've barely heard about this on the news, China is experiencing a disaster which has been likened to Hurricane Katrina by people who are actually there. Many areas in central and southern China have been under snow and ice or several weeks. Their climate is very similar to the South here in the USA and Mexico, so they are completely unprepared for these conditions. It appears the government is also completely unprepared as well, and the people are left to handle this crisis as well as they can.

We've been receiving updates from Jenny Bowen of Half the Sky who now lives in China and runs the organization that places nurturing nannies in orphanages, and strives to have a lifelong caring adult in the life of each orphan. You can read more about their wonderful, life changing work here.

They have asked for reports from each orphanage they serve. Some are okay, despite struggling to keep the babies warm, and have asked that help go to other orphanages first. But some are not okay. These kinds of situations shine a glaring light on why God, over and over in His word, tells us to care for orphans. Who protects and cares for these children who have no parents? They are not getting any sort of media attention and will not. So here's my little attempt to give them some sort of a voice.

Here's an excerpt from Jenny Bowen's report:
"Chenzhou, Hunan – still facing the most difficulties of the orphanages we’ve reached. They’ve had no electricity or running water for 8 days and there is almost no possibility that power will be restored before New Year’s Eve (the 6th of February.) Because of the blackout, the hospital is closed. 20 children are ill and being cared for by institution staff as well as they can. The banks are closed so staff is contributing personal funds to buy food, coal and diapers. Prices are skyrocketing as all roads to Chenzhou remain impassable."

You can read the rest by going to their website . You can also make a tax deductable donation to help these orphanages. Look on the right hand side for details.

Because of Piper, these children are very real to us. We know they exist and we can picture their little faces. As Piper runs around here today, we will pray that God would make His presence known to those quietly caring for the ones that are often forgotten, but close to His heart.


Christy said...

This storm has been very scary and I have put the prayer out to everyone I know. We just all need to pray for this situation and the babies and children that are being affected. Thanks for posting this!!

Christy :)

Cote de Texas said...

This is so sad!!! I hope it will be alright for all the children there. Your children are so adorable!!!

Thank you for your sweet comment to my blog.