Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas from the CCAA!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas, we sure are! Hunter is on a nature walk with Mama Linda, Scott and Roman are at Home Depot getting what they need for their projects (Big Hurray!), Ella is playing with her Christmas toys, could it get any better?
Still waiting to hear news from China. Everyone was watching a package that was arriving at the agencies today, turns out it was a Christmas card! There are so many comments I want to make, but don't b/c I live with this fear that the CCAA(China Center for Adoption) reads our website, and we'll be denied the chance to adopt based on some idiotic comment I make. So I smile and type nice, positive thoughts!
Will our referral arrive in 2006?
I'll keep everyone posted.
Thank you to everyone who is waiting with us, it makes it much more bearable and fun!

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