Friday, December 29, 2006

Referral coming in 2007!

Surely I am safe in saying we will receive our referral in 2007! Seeing as we absolutely have to be next, and it has been 31 days since the last referrals came out, and the average time b/t referrals has been 30 days for the last year. We have heard that the matches have been made, but not sent yet. That means that somewhere between here and China there is a folder with our name on it, and attached to it, is a picture and information about our daughter! Somewhere in China she is probably getting ready to wake up. We pray today there is someone to hold her, feed her, smile at her, and look into her eyes.
We should get her information sometime next week or the week after that. We promise to share it as soon as we get it. We can't wait!

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