Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Because I don't scrapbook...

Piper's big thing right now(21 months old) is dressing herself, or "dressing" herself. She is constantly on the lookout for that special something to complete her look, like this pajama top for her legs or Ella's boots.
or...someone's (whose could they be?) undergarments for her neck and socks for her hands...of course.
And Ella wanted me to take this picture and "put it on the blawg!", that's my girl.

Piper's language is exploding right now and is a constant source of entertainment for us all. She is a very good mimic and the kids to can get her to say almost anything. Ella conducts daily language lessons with her where they go through the entire ABC song, letter by letter, with Piper copying each thing Ella says. Piper has developed a very strong voice when she says things like "STOP!" or "NOOOOO!". This morning she wanted some cereal so I said, "can you get a bowl?" . She looked at me and said "Sure, MOMMEEE!". That cracked me up for some reason, I'm not used to her being able to answer me I guess.

I really hope to be back later, when Ella is at school today, and do some updating to this "blawg" of mine. I've been on a little self imposed vacation and am ready to get back to it!

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Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

LOVE the pictures...
Looks like you might have a designer in the works..LOL
Have a Great Week..