Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday at the Park

While Hunter and Ella are away, mommy and Piper play!

Piper had so much fun leading me around the park today. She got to be the big girl, while Hunter and Ella were at school. Though she loves being the little sister, I think she enjoys having some time as the one and only too.
Last night at dinner, Hunter aptly stated: "Piper really has a sense of humor." It's so true. We can see her joining in the family jokes and trying to make us laugh, which she does all the time. I love this age, watching her grow before our eyes. She says new words and phrases each day, and just seems so pleased with herself. I love her little voice, and really just every little thing about her!
I know, enough already!


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Piper is darling..
She looks like she is having so much fun...
Love her little dress..

Melissa said...

She's gorgeous in that dress. Again, you have the best taste in clothes.

Christie said...

Seriously, could she be any cuter? I think not! No wonder you can't stop talking about her!


Kelly said...

Cute, cute dress!

Isn't it fun to spend one on one time like that, when they get to just be themselves instead of the little or big sibling?

Looks like you had a wonderful time, just the two of you.

Christy said...

She is so darn pretty!!! I love times alone like that. VEry cool!!

Chrisyt :)

Rachel said...

Hi, I found your blog through Big Mama--it is so sweet and encouraging for me to see and hear about how your family is bonding with Piper. We are considering adoption and love to find stories like yours. Thanks for sharing!