Monday, January 14, 2008

They're both in red, but one's a Democrat and one's a Republican...

(disclaimer: We here at Room for Grace do not endorse any particular political candidate or party. We realize the power we have to sway the election, and unlike Oprah, have decided to stay uninformed and quiet about our preferences.)

So the other day, Hunter overheard Hillary on Good Morning America, and wanted to know what she was talking about. I'm just glad he asked me and not his Papa. Papa would've been glad to inform him of course, but let's just say his response may not have been completely "fair and balanced".
So, as best I could, I explained the difference b/t Democrats and Republicans. You know, big government vs. limited government, the government solving people's problems vs. the people solving their problems, etc.. I really tried to not interject my own thoughts and opinions, and told him there were good people on both sides, and explained the criticisms that both sides receive.
At the end of my explanation, Hunter declared he was a Republican.

The next morning...

I was pouring myself a cup of coffee when I heard Ella(5) announce: "These are THE BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE!!!"


"I can get my breakfast ALL BY MYSELF! I can get the cereal, the bowl and the milk ALL BY MYSELF, with NO HELP!!!"

Less than 60 seconds later, from a horizontal position on the couch, Hunter(7) yells:
"Is anyone going to get me any breakfast???"

Oh, Hunter, I do think you may need to rethink your political affiliation. But then again, this is probably more of a gender issue, now that I think about it.

P. S. I just realized after rereading this post that I have single handedly offended half of the human race and half of the American public. We here at Room for Grace would like to state for the record that we love all people, regardless of their gender, politics, or willingness to get their own Cheerios.


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

I am with you...
I don't vote.. so I don't go either Democrat or Republican.. But I find it interesting how they teach this in school..
My oldest comes home and says.. YEAH.. I get to vote this year...
So.. I am neutral just like husband votes..
LOVE the pictures..
They are tooo cute..
Love the cereal conversation...
Have a Great Week..

Julie said...

That post is so funny! I love it! Totally love it!

Rachel said...

Hilarious! Thanks for the laughs. As for the gender issue, my daughter's "princess" tendencies would tip the scale to the other side.

Melissa said...

So which one is Piper? My husband is a political junkie so we only vote his way according to him. I don't really care though.

Marie said...

Speaking as a female democrat who just stumbled across your blog from a comment on BigMama, all I can say is, "Pppphhhhbbbtttt!!!!"

Seriously, I laughed. I laughed hard. I laughed until my usband walked in and asked me why I was laughing and realized it was time to stop.

Marie said...

I meant husband. oops

Sarah Bailey said...

Hi Miss Dena!!
I'm not sure you remeber me. My sister Ashley and used to babysit Hunter and Ella and the Calloway kids for a bible study two years ago, Ella would have been three and Hunter four or five. I just wanted to say that they are getting sooo big. And Piper is tooo cute.
Tell them I said hi!!
Sarah Bailey