Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Latest Obsession

Let me just put it this way, I NEED A NANNY!!! (or a stiff drink)

Chondromalacia(runner's knee for you non athletic types) + packing 5 people for Colorado vacation + excited 5 year old, who cannot. stop. talking., + 7 year old boy with an ear infection + (see above), + a husband who has to work all day = me, staring into space in a catatonic stupor only 12 hours from our flight, with not one bag fully packed, posting pictures on my blog - Hello, procrastination!

I am officially switching from calling this a vacation to calling it a trip. Yes, we are going on a trip. Something about this does not feel vacation-like.

So, if you were planning on flying American Airlines tonight, you may want to reconsider. I know I am.


Dani said...

aww..If I could I would come and be your nanny! :) Sounds like your summer is starting off great! LOL! Hope you trip becomes more like a vacation.

Dani said...

Well...actually that is what I want to do while I go to school. I wish I could. Where do you live? I didn't see on your profile. Thanks for the comment. I am also leaving for vacation soon and I am going to be updating a blog with photos and info about the trip as we go so if ya wanna you can check it out. I haven't created it yet but I will post a blog on my blog with the url. Newaz...hope you having fun.