Monday, June 09, 2008

More pictures from our little slice of paradise

The Royal Gorge lookout - what you can't tell is how this little platform is literally jetting out over a drop off of what must have been millions of feet in the air, only held up by tiny little metal poles. SCARY! (In all honesty, I appeared to be the only one fearing for my life)
This was the little choo choo that took us to the look-out place of terror.
Ella and her new BFF, Molly

The end of a day spent exploring the mountains - sweet quietness.

The Garden of the Gods - Colorado Springs - our 2nd day in Colorado
The Royal Gorge bridge - was built in 5 months with no injuries. Well, except for me - I got injured just looking at it.

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Dani said...

It Looks like ya'll are having a BLAST!! I can't wait to go on my vacation! :) I am so happy it looks like an actual vacation! :) Hope it continues to go great for you!!