Saturday, November 18, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving ya'll!

Having kids makes every holiday exciting. Hunter and Ella have been playing "The first Thanksgiving" for the last few days. They both made pilgrim and Indian costumes at school, so they dress up and act out their version of what happened "a long, long time ago - like 50 years ago" according to Ella. They seem to be a little confused on some of the details, but get the main ideas. Overheard at our house this morning:
H (the pilgrim): "Hello Dancing Paintbrush" (Ella's Indian name)
E (the Indian, aka Dancing Paintbrush"): Hello pilgrim.
H: "Well, we've been on the Mayflower for a very long time and need something to eat."
E: "OK, let's go kill a buffalo."
H: "OK, I'll help you carry it."
E: "Mmmm, this buffalo is good, it tastes like turkey."

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