Friday, April 06, 2007

The Flu x 2 + boy on Steroids = Lord, help us all!

Hunter is on day 4 of steroids for his allergies and a really bad cough that wouldn't go away. Picture 6 year old body with a 15 year old attitude with 13 year old girl emotions....yikes! Yesterday was a day for the record books. After attempting to keep Piper, who couldn't nap or eat very well b/c she is so congested, somewhat happy throughout the morning, Ella came home from preschool with what appears to be Piper's flu (which one, we do not know). I am praying she didn't give it to anyone at school. By about 5:00 Ella was truly miserable and asked if she could go lay down in her bed, I knew she must be truly sick. She laid there for about an hour and half, completely still listening to her music. Meanwhile, Hunter went to the refrigerator to get some leftover pizza he just KNEW was in there (it wasn't). Scott had gotten pizza on Tuesday while I was at the doctor with Piper and Hunter had about half a piece of crust left over that he knew had to be in the refridgerator Thursday after school. I told him we didn't have any pizza but that was just not acceptable to this ravenous steroid taking boy. He melted down right there in front of the open refrigerator at the injustice of it all. In the middle of it, Hunter's teacher called trying to sort out a situation that had taken place during recess that day. Apparently one of the little girls in Hunter's class convinced a group of them that there was a man parked in a red car next to the playground who had a gun. She also convinced them not to tell a teacher because it was a secret. The scary part was that they listened to her! After talking Hunter down from the pizza incident I attempted to figure out what Hunter thought happened at recess, not as easy as you might think. When Hunter is on steroids he has a really hard time focusing and staying still long enough to complete a thought. It is something that really has to be witnessed to understand. I believe Hunter saw a red car and the part about the man and the gun, no one saw but the little girl who got them all going. By the time we got everyone to bed last night, I felt like I'd run a marathon. Hunter is home from school today for Good Friday and we can't really go anywhere because Ella and Piper are sick. Well, I take that back, I just collected Piper's stool sample that we need to take to lab to check and see if her Giardia has resolved. That will be our outing for the day unless anyone wants to invite us over...anyone?
I didn't think so!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Guys, Dena, you nailed it just right! There is no way to explain the complete "Hunter Change" except to tell the whole story, complete with how you feel too. Hopefully Piper's test will show that she is much, much better. We hope Ella & Hunter are feeling real good too. The red car situation is a scary one, but still is very much real life. It is amazing to realize the influence friends have on our children...even when we have taught our sweet children right from wrong. We will just pray that they grow in maturity and make good choices. Thanks for the pictures! Love you all, Papa Roman & Mama Linda