Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The night that lasted a week

I can't believe it's only 9am. I feel like a week has gone by since I went to bed last night. We spent the entire night without power and everyone but Piper (who slept right through it all), sandwiched together in our queen sized bed. Hunter couldn't sleep because he was so worried we wouldn't wake up without our alarm clock for school. Ella couldn't sleep because she just needed to talk about how the lights were out and how that made her feel. Every time, I'd almost drift off, Ella or Hunter would say something. "Mommy, what time do you think it is? Mommy, do you want me to tell you what happened when I woke up and my nightlight wasn't on? Mommy, I need to go to the bathroom. Mommy, why are the lights still not on? Mommy, do you think it's time to get up?(this one I heard just about every hour). And on and on it went. Miraculously, we woke up in time for school, still without power, and got Hunter ready for school. As we were walking back inside, a bird flew in the house! Only Ella, Piper and I were home. It took the birdie about 10 minutes to find the open door and fly out. So much excitement and all by 8:00 this morning. Our power finally came on just before 8am.

Notes to my commenters:
First of all, thank you for your comments and questions! I love knowing who is actually still reading the blog. I know quite a few of you are out there, but don't know who you are!
Isabella's mom: the bows - the one's on the left I got from a store called "Kid to Kid", the others are some I kept from when Ella was little. Kid to Kid is a resale shop, but they sell new accessories. Piper's hair is pretty crazy, sticks straight up, so the bows get a lot of use! Please let me know when you get your referral, I'd love to follow along.

Christie, my friend, I am experiencing waiting anxiety for you! I really cannot wait until you get your picture of Keira Joy. Christie and her husband are going to be such wonderful, fun parents. You can visit them at

I guess now that the power is back on, I have no excuse for not getting the laundry started...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dena, wouldn't you know, Scott had to be in Florida when the storm hit. I can just imagine Hunter's concern that he would not wake up for school...I do understand that boy...he has just a little of this grandma. In fact, I still react the same way now! Hearing Ella's sweet, excited, energy filled voice wanting to tell you her thoughts. Just so like her! And then Piper is sleeping right funny! Thank you for the updates and the details about the days & nights at your house. This morning we had 40's and could see our breath. Warmer weather is coming though, and soon. Hope you have a peaceful & restful night of sleep. Love and Hugs, Papa Roman and Mama Linda