Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Buzz....

Bee update: Despite seeing thousands of their friends and family members hit the pavement, never to fly again, the bees remain...lots of them. Apparently this bee situation has completely given my friend Christie the heeby jeebies. She posted about it on her blog. I feel I must clarify a few things in order to save my reputation as the world's biggest insect wimp. I DID NOT venture outside to take those pictures. I know I'm half crazy, but insane??? No way! The pictures were taken through the window, from the comfort of my bee-free kitchen. Chrisite brought up the subject of the environmentalist type people who would frown upon someone getting an exterminator out to kill the bees. Ok, I'm going public with the fact that there are thousands of dead bees piled on my back porch right now. In a moment a desperation yesterday morning, when the bees were piled up 4 inches thick on my flower pot, sleeping I suppose, I stuck my hand out the door and sprayed all that I could. They dropped off in clumps, oooo, ick, yuck! I thought I'd gotten most of them, but the survivors must have rounded up their posse, b/c by the afternoon, the swarm returned, much to my dismay. My dad's friend is an expert on such things, and he suggested we give them one more day to pack up their stuff and leave. If they've hung around for more than 4 days it means they've decided to set up home for good. My son, who loves animals and insects, even approved of my exterminating as many as possible. We decided it would be a friendly little warning that this is not a good place to settle. But once I got started, there was no stopping me.
My neighbor suggested calling a animal control and see if they would help us out. The remaining bees (several thousand) are now making a huge mound up under the eaves of our house. By huge, I mean HUGE.
Scott just told me that unless the bees offer to pay a large portion of our house payment in the next ten minutes, we are calling animal control or an exterminator.
Be warned you busy bees!

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Christie said...

Well, let me clarify - I didn't think you had went outside to take pictures - I just don't know how you could go outside at all! I mean, they must wander to the front door, at least a few? I would be freaking out - literally. Can't stand bees...never have been able to understand their big fat use to us - other than honey, which I feel I could live without. There are probably hundreds of uses that I'm ignorant to, I just don't care. They sting - therefore I'm not a fan...