Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Happy Birthday to our boy!

The cake, after the salsa incident
No need to cry over salsa jar in the cake, there's frosting to be eaten!

Seven years ago, S and I were trying to figure out how to change our itty bitty baby boy's diaper without getting sprayed on. He had such a knack for getting us, as we fumbled our way through diaper changes and parenting in general. We are so proud of the boy he has become and had so much fun celebrating his Bday with him. We'll always remember to cake mishap of '07 when E accidentally dropped a jar of salsa into the middle of the cake just as it was almost finished being decorated. Yes, it really was an accident, I was right there! As Hunter was saying "I'm sorry that happened mommy, I know how hard you worked on the cake", I look up and Ella, the salsa jar dropper, was licking the side of the jar to get the frosting off. In that moment I realized what cool kids I have. Hunter was not mad about the jar in his cake, and Ella just made the best out of the situation and her luck of having all that frosting to "clean up".
Hunter has grown so much since this time last year, starting school, losing teeth and becoming a big brother again, to Piper. It has been such a wonderful surprise to see how much Hunter loves Piper. He gets the biggest kick out of her, and has really loved watching her learn new things and grow. He truly loves her, and it has been so much fun to watch them together, and watch how happy he is with her.

Yesterday marked 4 months with sweet Piper Grace. I have a post about that just as soon as I can steal another 10 minutes on the computer.

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Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Happy Birthday... Glad you had a great day..
It is amazing how fast children grow into teens.. it happens right before your eyes..
Have a great week..
Cute outfit..