Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mama's been going just a little bit crazy...

My usual blogging spot...under seige.

We have a decent size house, big enough for everyone to have their own space. However, most of our time is spent like this, pretty much on top of each other.
I still haven't found a rythmn to our summer days and it's making me a bit o crazy. I have visions of what I want our summer to look like, but the reality is not panning out. My vision includes:
-waking up about 2 hours before anyone under 4ft tall for coffee and a quiet time
-snuggling with sleepy heads as they wake from a peaceful night of slumber
-discussing our bible verse for the day over breakfast
-enjoying family chore time, as we all work together on a task
-putting Piper down for a nap and jumping in the pool with H and E
-bringing Piper in the pool after her nap and enjoy being outside together
-having popcycles on the back porch
-having friends over
-serving others in some way together
-having all 3 kids and myself bathed by dinner time
-cooking up some fresh veggies and healthy food for dinner
-reading good books together
-working on some creative project that I am actually able to complete in week or so

Yesterday I realized there are some major flaws in my vision. First of all, we don't have a pool. I either am going to have to put up a redneck version or change my expectations. Looking over my list here, I realize the other things require planning and effort...things that have been in short supply around here. Again, I will have to come up with those, or change my expectations. I took the first step and spent some time at the cross this morning. I unloaded it all: my feelings of failure, my laziness, my lack of focus, my fears, my dreams and desires. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.
Today, between naps and laundry, we'll go check out those redneck pools, count the cost, and make a decision. We'll have macaroni and cheese for lunch. I will love Jesus by loving these little people in front of me, even when it's hard and messy.
Mama's a little less crazy than yesterday.


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Sounds like you are just a busy mommy.. That is okay.. You can not do everything when you have 3 bouncy kids.. Have a better day..

Anonymous said...

Hi from a wife of a Raytheon coworker....I too have 3 kids and struggle with time/dreams. Your post here made me feel hopeful that I can spend time with myself, the Lord and the kids. Thanks for describing how you feel as it helps others!

But, we do have our community pool 2 houses away, so that's a benefit to us. But with the rain that won't let up, we don't GET TO USE IT!!

Enjoy your day,
Debbie Kiger