Monday, July 30, 2007

Good Morning, China!

I wish you could hear what I hear over the baby monitor this morning. Most mornings while I'm drinking my coffee, piddling around in the kitchen, at some point I hear Piper wake up and start the process of trying to wake up Ella with her squeals and "dadadadada". This morning, like many others, Ella got up and put on the Chinese children's music that we got while in China. This was music that Piper heard in the orphanage. It's very lively music with children singing in Chinese. Ella dances and "sings" to the music for Piper who stands in her crib, clapping for Ella. This morning as I listened, it just made my heart tingle as I thought about how much I love this little family that God has made. I just love that Piper is Chinese and she is my daughter. It is just a beautiful thing to me and I don't think there's any way for me to explain it. I love what she has brought into our family and how rich the colors of our family seem to me.
Thank you, Lord for this gift. Help me to remember this later when their needs and nonstop chatter threaten to engulf me!


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Good Morning...
I can not wait until that day..
I am looking forward to it and dream about it all the time.
Have a great week with those beautiful 3 children..
I have been praying for your father.. Hope he is getting better..

Julie said...

A while back you mentioned something about collecting fabric swatches for a quilt for Piper. Did you get enough? And did you make the quilt? For some reason I was wondering about that today. : )