Monday, July 02, 2007

Just the girls

Beautiful girl
So this is how it works when mama's at the hospital with Papa

My parents have some very good family friends who invite my whole family to their lake house every 4th of July. We go and participate in the parade and spend the day catching up with everyone and enjoying the water. This year was going to be a little different, as my dad had finished up his 3rd week of chemo and daily radiation and wasn't feeling up for going with us. We were supposed to go on Sunday morning, but my mom called and said my dad wasn't doing well. After a long morning, my brother went over there to try and help my mom figure out what could be going on. After a couple of calls to the doctor, and his fever going up, they knew he needed to go to the hospital. By that night, he was in ICU with severe pneumonia in his good lung. It turned out that his oxygen levels were very low, so it is very good that they made the call they did. Thankfully they only live about 30 minutes away, so I was able to go and be there. It's Monday night and he's still in ICU, but very stable and doing better. Because of the chemo, he had very few white blood cells to fight the infection so the antibiotics are doing that for him now. Life can really change in an instant. It's cliche, but really ringing true for me right now.
I'm off to bed...praying my dad sleeps well tonight as his body is healing so he can get into a regular room.


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

I will be praying for your dad.. Hope all is well.. Hope you get some rest..
The pictures are great..
Have a better week.

Christie said...

Praying for your Dad, D. And great pics, as usual!!

Melissa said...

Piper looks great in her red, white and blue. So sorry to hear about your dad.