Sunday, April 20, 2008


Piper Grace, you are 2! For your birthday I thought I'd list 24 reasons I love you - one for each month of your life, because 2 is just not enough. Here goes, in no particular order:

1. Your resilience - I personally don't know anyone who has this down better than you, adults or children. You are simply amazing.

2. Your openness to love - once you feel safe with someone, you LOVE THEM real good - with your whole heart, I love that.

3. Your perceptiveness, this one is between you and me girl, but I love it!

4. The way you love other children - your siblings, their friends, their classmates, your cousins and friends. I love how you know the names of several of Ella's favorite friends from pre-K, and shout them out when we get to her school. "MACY!!! GWACE!!! EMMA!!! ABBY!!!"

5. I love because we've seen Ms. Linda at Hobby Lobby twice, every time we go there you get excited and shout "Ms. Linda! Ms. Linda!" and start looking for her. When we don't see her, you tell me to "call Ms. Linda!".

6. I love your beautiful face.

7. I love how much you love being outside. It is your favorite thing to do, and you are the happiest running free in the yard or playing in the sand or "widing bikes" with your brother and sister.

8. Your love of shoes - it has endured since we met you at 10.5 months old. To see the joy you get from shoes - it makes me smile.

9. Your voice - I love your sweet little voice.

10. Your language abilities - At 24 months you can communicate just about anything you want to. You have hundreds of words, can sing the ABC song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, name most parts of your body - your favorite being elbows, can name orange, blue, purple and green, & count to 13, way beyond that with a few numbers missing. For someone who did not hear English until 10.5 months of age - wow!

11. I love the way you tell me to sing You Are My Sunshine, "SUNSINE, SUNSINE!".

12. I love watching you mother your baby dolls, holding them, and gently patting their backs. Then you shout "Nigh Nigh!!!" and put them to bed.

13. I love that you get excited to see me each morning.

14. I love that you have stolen Hunter and Ella's hearts as well as your daddy's and mine. You join right in with their pretend games, wrestling, and chase.

16. I love watching you pray along with Ella at dinner time, and smile when she thanks God for you every single night.

17. I love that when we go to pick Hunter(7) up from school you get excited and shout "Hunter's school! Hunter's school!" each day.

18. I love the way you complete our family and make each one us of better than we were before.

19. I love that you are Chinese. You make our family so much more interesting! Because of you, we have a connection to a country so rich in history and culture.

20. I love the way you are the answer to so many prayers.

21. I love the way you love to turn round and round in circles until you are completely dizzy.

22. I love that when we get in the car you shout "Allelula, allelula!!! Hear it!" because you want to hear David Crowder's "All Creatures #2".

23. You make me smile from the inside out every single day.

24. I love that the other day, you rubbed your heart and said, "luv Papa", talking about my dad.

25. One to grow on! I love that when I sat down to write this list, I thought it might take me all day to finish, but here I am at the end, still with an endless list of reasons why I love you. Like how I love the way you pay attention to the tiny details of a person and mimic the smallest of gestures, the way you get so excited to see a bird or hear an airplane, the way you "help" me with chores around the house...
See? How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

Happy Birthday, sweet girl! I love you!


Melissa said...

That is so sweet. I love all 24. Happy Birthday Piper from Madelyn's family!!! ps. tried to respond to last comment you made on our blog but email didn't go through.

Young Creations said...

Happy Sweet Birthday Piper Grace. I know you will have a day filled with love and blessings.


Peapod Four said...

How precious!

Anonymous said...

Dena - the girls and I just had to check things out. The pictures of Piper are wonderful, she is soooooo cute. I guess we need to check more often, we spent lots of time going through your posts. It brought up conversations about all of the wonderful things that they got to do at Thanksgiving. The things they remember, or choose to remember, just touched my heart. The girls, and of course P and I send our love to all of you.

Thanks for sharing your memories you have made with Piper.

Happy Birthday Piper
Gotta love a girl who is into shoes, purses, and cool glasses!