Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Crazy for babies

Besides the clothes she was wearing, this little bottle is the only thing we have of Piper's from the orphanage. I let her play with it for a while, then put it away because although its monetary value is small, it means something to us.

Ella(5) and Piper(almost 2!) have been toting little plastic babies everywhere lately. Ella's big baby is name Betsy. Piper's baby is named BABEEE!!! I looked and looked for Piper a Chinese baby for Christmas, but couldn't find one that looked like her. My mother in law asked if she would like an American Girl Bitty Baby for her upcoming b-day so I looked on their website and found this one. Perfect! Shhh, don't tell Piper!

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Melissa said...

So glad she's got a big sister to teach her girl things. My only girl totes around trains and trucks.