Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Goop that keeps on giving...

Piper and Grandma at Piper's "Messy Party", in the goop. The "goop" is just cornstarch, water, and blue food coloring. It has a really cool feel to it - sort of soft and gooey, but dry feeling, you know, like goop.
My nephew couldn't get enough of the goop.
Piper and Grandma
This afternoon, Piper in her new swimsuit, socks, Ella's tap shoes, and a whole lot of sand and leftover cornstarch goop.
She was real concerned about that one white spot on her arm, kept showing it to me saying "messy, messy!!".
She takes her sand mixing very seriously.
Beautiful, even covered in Grandma's famous cornstarch goop.
We had Piper's 2nd birthday party in our backyard on Saturday. The theme was all things messy, since that's Piper's specialty right now. I'm working on a slide show of the party pictures from the messy party. Well, to be honest, it's really just in the planning stage at this point. I keep going to the sites that help you make a slide show and there are just too many choices. It's stressing me out!
So for now, this is it.
Maybe tomorrow I will wake up with an enhanced ability to make a decision.
Or maybe I'll just go play in the goop.

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Peapod Four said...

I meant to ask what the blue stuff was! Cool idea!

Oh and about your know who reads my blog that cracks me up?? My friends' husbands. Two of them. They read all these tech and finance blogs and then there's my mommy blog. Then they tell their wives about what I wrote. Sometimes at small group they mention that they read this story or that...and it's a little awkward, but funny just the same.