Friday, April 18, 2008

I went to check my sitemeter to see if any poor soul is still checking my blog for an update. It'd been so long since I'd checked it, that it treated me like a perfect stranger and asked me for a username and password - RUDE! Like I can remember my username and password...

Before I go to bed tonight, I have to say:
We love you like crazy.
You have rocked our world
in the best possible way!!!

Pictures coming soon...


Peapod Four said...

Of course we're still here!

I hate it when sitemeter makes me put in my username and password. I can't remember mine either. That was funny!

And Happy Birthday Piper!! Hugs from Michael, Julie, Brenna and Daniel

Lydia Price said...

I check your site every once in a while. Reasons why I "love" your site: #1 You write so well, #2 I am waiting for my little one from China and it passes the time, #3 I dunno, I should go to bed.
Keep it up!