Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I love October!

I love mid October, for all of the reasons most people do - the cooler temperatures, the vibrant colors, the whispers of holidays that are just around the corner. But on the top of my list is the end of ragweed season!
It's so liberating for me! I am going to do something I don't do very often, if ever...share an excerpt from my beloved journal.

Here goes:
Sunday 9-23-07 (In the thick of ragweed season)
"...still recovering from severe allergy attack yesterday after being at an unbelievably warm soccer game. I am spent, completely and totally spent. Ragweed allergy should have been one of the plagues in the bible. My nose is a constant itchy, dripping, throbbing irritant. If I go outside at all, the irritation multiplies x10. Need new air filters after all of the dust from the wood floors (S is out of town at this point), but can't stand the thought of taking 3 kids outside to get them. A trip to Walmart right now might set me over the edge, but I'm sure we'll go today."

I then go on and on some more about how much I miss Scott, and need a break from being needed so much, and end with this prayer:

"I am asking you, by faith, Lord,
to come and be my rest.
Be my contentment.
Be my comfort.
Be my satisfaction."

The month of September was a really hard one this year for us. Scott, who used to never travel, was gone most of the month. He works for a defense contractor and they were on a huge proposal. The other night we were at the dinner table and Ella decided she would go around the table a give each person a compliment. When she got to Scott, she said "I love you daddy, because you go to work and bring the money home to us!" (love that girl)

It feels good to all be back under one roof. It feels great to know that Ragweed 2007 is just about over and I can breathe in fresh air again to my heart's content!

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