Friday, October 26, 2007

We live next door to Martha Stewart

After a party full of creative games and treats, this is what the kids came home with.

Our neighbor decided to throw a little last minute Halloween party. I figured it might include dressing up and maybe decorating some pumpkin cookies or something. Well, this party would put even Martha to shame. Lest you think she bought those cupcakes or little ghosts on brooms, no mam, made each one herself. The kids bobbed for apples, wrapped dads up in toilet paper, danced to "Thriller", ate a plateful of Halloween themed snacks, played pin the nose on the pumpkin, and made their own haunted houses. And that's just the part that I witnessed, I had to run home and put Piper to sleep. Piper danced the entire time. Something about seeing her having so much fun dancing to "Thriller", cracked me up.


Julie said...

What in the world did she have in that punch bowl? That looks really neat!

Room for Grace said...

She had a bowl of punch in the middle of that cauldron, which was surrounded by dry ice. The kids were amazed!