Saturday, May 24, 2008

If you have daughters, or sons, or have ever gotten so overwhelmed by life that you've ever hurried through bath time, or bed time with your kids - watch this.

It's Steven Curtis Chapman's Cinderella video. The first half is the song and the 2nd half is him telling the story on how he came to write that song. Considering recent events, it really takes your breath away. My hubby is not what I would consider a really emotional person, but this video really impacted him. After he watched it, he said something to the effect that he's got 2 Cinderellas and a prince, and while they are here with us, we must make our time with them count. We always think we've got so long with them, but none of us really know if today could be the day that our clock strikes midnight, as it did for the Chapmans on Wednesday evening.

The day before the Chapman tragedy, I had listened to a podcast by Steve Saint. His father was a missionary along with Jim Elliot, and was speared to death by the very people they had come to help. Later in his life Steve Saint experienced another sudden death in his family. Many of the words he said have helped me sort through the Chapman tragedy, especially at the end of his talk. It can be found here. The story is of loss and redemption. Their story was made into a movie called The End of the Spear. We haven't seen it yet, so we are going to rent it this weekend.

Oh, and this video of SCC and his daughters is really cute. Maria seemed to have had a wonderful life, what a treasure she is! She reminds me so much of Piper.

Meanwhile, I'm off to "dance" with my Cinderellas...


His_Princess2008 said...

HI my name is Dani and I to am saddened by this tragedy of the Chapman's. I have this huge desire to adopt a baby from China. I think they are some of the most beautiful people in the world. And your lil princess is no exception. She is so cute. Newaz..I just saw you on Jim's blog and your comment caught my eye. I thought I would say hello. I saw on there where you like to read Piper. What an awesome man of God. Our church uses a lot of his literature.

We must cling to God during times such as these.


His_Princess2008 said...

Yes..I am blessed beyond measure for what the Lord has done in my life. I have two amazing parents that have taught me and have had an awesome church that has been a tool in my growth as well. Also I will tell you that one of the tools that has helped me a lot is a great youth camp. One that teaches the gospel. I know they are young but when they get older it will help them. Newaz....I love that name Piper for a girl. It seems to fit her even though I don't know her. lol.

I tend to get attached to people like the Chapmans because of their blogs and such. Like you said I feel I know them. I when things like this happen it hurts and I feel like I can't really tell people how sad I am because I am afraid they will think I am stupid for feeling this way. I am glad to know that I am not and that other people feel this way as well. Today has been kinda hard because I was alone for most of the day and have just thought of them non-stop. My stomach goes in knots every time I think of them. I can't imagine what they are going through. Well newaz...I am glad I "met" you as well.

Talk to you soon,

Peapod Four said...

Dena! Guess what?! (I should warn you first this is unrelated to the post I'm leaving the comment on.) Friends of mine are adopting a little girl from China!! I was so excited when I found out and all I could think about was Piper. I'm going to pass on the quilt idea and all...I already left her a comment on her blog telling her all about you guys! The funny thing was, I wrote "my friend Dena in Texas..." and then I felt the need to tell her that I don't actually know you. But I feel like I do. And yes we're friends. Over the internet. But that I participated in Piper's quilt patches. And it all just made me laugh. But anyway. I'm rambling because I'm up waaaayy too late and I should be in bed. : )

Here's Jen's blog address:

Melissa said...

I had never watched that video until last week but had heard the song. Watching it made me tear up so much. We talked about his family in church Sunday school this past Sunday and how hard this is going to be for this family. I hope you are having fun dancing with your Cinderellas and Prince.