Wednesday, May 28, 2008

No Pain. No Gain.

I went to the orthopedist today, and I am pretty excited about my diagnosis - chondromalacia otherwise known as "runner's knee"!

"Chondromalacia patella is a common cause of kneecap pain or anterior knee pain. Often called "Runner's Knee," this condition often affects young, otherwise healthy athletes."

I was so afraid he was going to tell me I had arthritis, but now, not only do I not have arthritis, I have a chondromalacia - apparently a common problem for athletes. Young, healthy athletes! For anyone remotely acquainted with my fitness level at the moment, you may chuckle now.

I am in the worst shape I've ever been in, and the most I've run in the last year is around the couch while Piper screams "tickle, pickle, pickle - tickle me!!".

A few months ago I did get on the StairMaster and start doing leg lunges and a few arm weights. That's about the time me knee began hurting. But then a week ago, it completely seized up on me as I stepped out of my car after an extended shopping trip at IKEA. You know IKEA, where all the young, healthy athletes train.

The doc gave me a shot - IN MY KNEE - eewww, and put me on steroids and in a knee brace. Apparently I'm not supposed to run 10-20 miles anytime soon. What will I do with myself without my running? I am already feeling an identity crisis coming on.

It's the life of an athlete you know. Well, young, healthy athletes that is. One day you're up, the next day you're down. One day you're just a middle aged, out of shape mommy. The next you are a young, healthy athlete with chondromalacia. Oh, and if you see me out and about with my knee brace on, please feel free to ask me how my RUNNER'S KNEE is. Just make sure you do it real loud, in front of a lot of people. Thankyouverymuch.


Dani said...

HAHA! I bet there is not many people that are happy about this diagnosis. lol. This blog made me smile. Thanks for posting it. I needed a smile today. :) I will be praying that your knee feels better! But don't worry when it gets better you can still wear the brace to make it look like you still have "RUNNERS KNEE" lol! :)


Peapod Four said...

I'm sorry your knee hurts.

But I'm still giggling at your post. I wish I lived close enough to actually ask about your runners knee at church on Sunday - nice and loud! :)