Thursday, May 22, 2008

Last week we went on a field trip with Hunter(7) to a science museum. I think Piper got the most out of the experience - she LOVED it! Her favorite part was the floor air conditioners that made her dress fly up all Marylin Monroe like.

What cracked me up was all the attention she got from the boys in Hunter's 1st grade class. When they saw me, they immediately asked about Piper's whereabouts. I pointed over to where she was turning circles and falling down in a mess of giggles. They were riveted by her every move. Since when do 1st grade boys think a 2 year old girl is more interesting than dinosaur bones?

Anyway, today has felt so heavy that I needed to take a little time to focus on the little blessings right before my eyes. Melissa said in the comments that when she heard the news about the Chapmans, she went and hugged her little one from China, Madelyn, extra tight. I'm doing the same.

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