Thursday, May 22, 2008

Steven Curtis Chapman and his daughter Maria
*Update: Here is a good article that their hometown newspaper ran. Also SCC's manager is posting updates here.

Our hearts are so very heavy for the family of Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife Mary Beth. Yesterday their 5 year old daughter Maria was tragically hit by an SUV in their driveway, driven by one of their teenage sons.

I remember hearing SCC talk about how Maria came into their family. He was in an orphanage in China and something drew him to her. He felt God speak to his heart that she was to be their daughter. She was the youngest of 3 children adopted from China.

I follow the blogs of their family, and his daughter Emily had just posted yesterday that she had gotten engaged over the weekend. All of his children are strong Christians. His 2 teenage sons tour with him, and my heart is broken for the road of grief ahead for all of them, but especially for their son who was involved in the accident. As a parent, I just can't imagine. Grieving for your child that you have lost, while trying to help your other child who feels responsible, who is also grieving for his sister. It's just, so much.

Here is a post by a friend of the family. Mary Beth's blog has lots of pictures of the family, including little Maria. They are such a beautiful family who have dedicated their lives to show love to the fatherless. Right now they are in the process of building a huge orphanage in China for special needs children.

Please, please pray for each family member. I pray they would be overcome with God's peace and comfort as they grieve and walk this very difficult road ahead. I don't know the why of what happened, but I do know that God chooses to work throught the prayers of his people, so LET'S PRAY - right now. There is power in the prayers of God's people, we can help them, by praying earnestly for them.

Go here to see an adorable video of SCC and Maria washing dishes, taken just a couple of weeks ago.
*They have set up a page where you can leave a note for the Chapmans.

I can hardly imagine...


Peapod Four said...

My heart broke for them when I read the story this morning. Thanks for the links to pictures. We will be praying.

Melissa said...

I cried when I first read it. I hugged Madelyn so hard with tears down my face. I can't imagine what they are going through now or the days to come.