Friday, December 28, 2007

Hopeful Post Christmas Melancholy

We had a fairly simple, good Christmas this year. Even though I know it was not physically easy for my dad, he made the trip out to our house with my mom early Christmas morning to be with us as we opened our gifts. Piper was excited to see him and said, "Papa, Papa!".
It was Piper's first Christmas home, and the significance of that was not lost on me as I watched her celebrate with her family. I still cannot fully wrap my mind and heart around the fact that she spent last Christmas in an orphanage in Xiushan, China. I know God was there with her, keeping her safe, and preparing her for what was to come. Next Thursday is the 1 year anniversary of the day we first saw her sweet face. Though that day was just like every other for her, on the other side of the world, a family of four became five, as we stared at her picture, and thanked God for His wonderful gift.

The kids love their super duper jumper thingy, although it made marks on our wood floor (ugh) and had to be moved upstairs. Nothing like the sound of jumping elephants above your kitchen!

Hunter thinks he's just too cool now that he has a real live shark, that he named Zambi. Hunter and Ella now include Zambi in their mealtime prayers, that he'll "have a good, long life". Ella has spent many hours playing with her new Twin Doll House and Diego vehicles. She and Hunter have many scenarios worked out that involve the twins and Hunter's plastic dragons and Siberian tigers. It doesn't quite look like the picture of the kids playing on the outside of Twin Doll House box, but hey, it keeps them occupied.

Christmas night, my parents had our family, my brother's family and my sister in law's parents over to open our stockings and celebrate my brother's birthday, which he happens to share with Jesus! Ella was amazed when she realized (after 5 years of celebrations), that my mom actually gave birth to my brother on Christmas day.
(In complete astonishment) "So your birthday is the real day you were born, and it stays on that day for the REST of YOUR LIFE???"
It was as if the world stopped for a moment as she took in this newfound bit of information. Why hadn't anyone told her this before?

It always takes me a couple of days to "recover" from Christmas. It strikes me as odd, how much I need some quiet time alone with God to reconnect after being so very busy celebrating His arrival on earth. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this little gem by Jon Bloom, that finally put words to what I have experienced for so long.

Scott took Hunter and Ella to the movies and I have a completely quiet house while Piper naps. I'm off to take advantage of this rarity, and do something crazy, like maybe sit in a comfy chair and do absolutely nothing for a few minutes!

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Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

LOVE the pictures...
Looks like all the kids had a WONDERFUL Day...
Merry 1st Christmas Piper...
She is adorable..
Love the first picture..." Mommy and all her Angels.."
Relax girly..