Monday, December 03, 2007

This feels familiar for some reason...

In about an hour I will drop off Piper and Ella with my sister in law, Karen so my brother and I can meet our mom for her doctor's appointment. We'll hear the pathology report and discuss her options. My dad wants to go and will if he's feeling up to it.
It seems that something called Hormone Receptors are important in breast cancer, and if you are positive for Hormone Receptors, your treatment and outlook is better. So we are hoping for Positive Hormone Receptors today.
When I am waiting for big news or have something serious on my mind, idle chatter drives me nuts. Did I ever mention that Ella is the Queen of Chatter? Nonstop. About everything. All the time. Tomorrow is a school day for her and I think it will be a good little break for the both of us!


Anonymous said...

Our prayers are with you & your family today. My you feel God's precious hug as you seek advice for Dottie. Mom

Julie said...

Call me crazy, but did you delete a post? I read one last week that I've been thinking a lot about, but now I can't find it. I was going to read it again before I left a comment.

Other than my miscarriage, I haven't really been in a situation where people have offered words of comfort (or not) to me. I've often been the one trying to figure out what to say though. I used to just not say anything, but after my friend's baby died at 5 months (SIDS), I had to be involved. After that, several other friends went through life changing and devastating situations that required my support and involvement. I still often wonder what to say, but it seems that it's more important that I be there for a hug and some tears than it is that I have the right thing to say. When Molly's baby died, we talked a lot about the crazy things people said to her. Some were actually quite hurtful. She had to let a lot of things kinda roll off her back and just stay close to the people who lifted her up. I'm sure that's easier said than done.

So since I can't remember the whole point of that post I can't find, that's what's been going around in my mind since I read it. : ) And if I lived near you, I would've called or emailed to see how your mom's appointment went. And I'd probably stop by with some kind of baked treat just so I could see for myself that you were holding up ok. And to give you a hug. And maybe to bring you a smile during a very difficult week.

Praying for your family from clear across the country,

Room for Grace said...

Thank you for your sweet words and prayers, they encourage my heart and I really appreciate them.
You are not crazy! I did move that post back into draft form b/c after thinking a little more about it, I thought maybe it was a bit too harsh. People mean well, and my emotions are pretty raw right now, so I think I'll revisit that topic at a later time.
I think that everything you said to do sounds very loving and would be a great encouragement to your friends. I've had friends who've gotten teary eyed with me, or just given me a sincere hug, and that speaks to my soul way more than a quick a bible verse that is supposed to wipe out my pain. Like Jesus did with Mary, they are willing to feel the pain of your situation with you, and that just takes some of the burden and encourages you. Again, I love the way Jesus enters into the lives of those around him, including their pain, and including not shying away from his own pain. I just think certain people can do that more than others, and I am learning to be ok with that. I have also been on the other end of feeling uncomfortable, not knowing what to say.
I've had people say to me "I don't even know what to say." and that tells me they understand how hard things are.
I think the point I was trying to make before was that denying pain by skipping ahead to the ultimate victory, is not a biblical way to handle pain, but somehow shortchanges God showing up and being enough IN the pain. Those friends that are willing to walk with you through the hard, messy, no quick fix kind of times, are the ones that get to be in on when God does use it all for good, and redeems those raw, painful experiences. And really, for me that what this Christian life is all about. Somehow in God's great design, pain and joy are partners, and some of my greatest joy has come out of some of my greatest pain. I can say that I've never felt joy because someone quoted me a bible verse about it. It's my time with God, in deep pain sometimes, that gives me that deep joy.
I remember one time I was having a really hard time with all of our setbacks during Piper's adoption and my friend, Michelle, had Ella over to play so I could spend some extra quiet time with God about the whole situation. That was just what I needed.
Ok, I've just written a post in the comments! See, I get carried away on this topic!
Your friends are truly blessed to have you for a friend, I know. It's hard for me to grasp that so many people are lifting our family up in prayer, but it does ease the heaviness, and makes me excited to see how God will answer those prayers.

Christy said...

Your family will be in our prayers and enjoy your break from the chatter-- I totally know what that is like--wow they can talk!!!

Christy :)