Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Little Christmas Tree that Could...

Our little Christmas tree was given to us by my parents a few years after we got married. My mom wanted one of those new fangled trees that were 'pre-lit'. So our little tree was free, and it looks really good at night when it's all lit up. We've turned it into a pre-lit tree, as we just leave the lights on, year after year, wrap it up in a sheet, and drag up to the attic once again. Every year I think it's going to be it's last year, but each year, it lights up, and it's still free. We attached it to a table to make it taller, and somehow, over the years, it has grown on me. I usually wrap fancy gold ribbon all through it to spruce it up a bit, but not this year. This year, the kids put most of the ornaments on themselves, and I am enjoying the simplicity of it, along with the brightly wrapped gifts. Usually I buy gift wrap that matches our decor. Not this year. This year, I wanted bright polka dots and Christmas red. It looks like kids live here this year, and I like that.
I'm getting to point where I don't want another tree. This is our little Christmas tree. The top likes to flop over and it looks nothing like the decorator trees I see in the stores. As I sit here looking at it, I am so glad I didn't give into the temptation I felt so many years, and get one of those trees.

Little Tree, I know you must be tired and growing weary after all we've put you through. I know for many years I didn't appreciate you and said terrible things about you. I am sorry, Little Tree. You are part of our family now, and with all of your little quirks, you fit in just perfectly. Please hang in there, Little Tree, I know our best years are yet to come!

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Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Love the tree... and the gift wrap is very nice..