Saturday, December 08, 2007

We met Miss Patty Cake, oh yes we did!

Miss Patty Cake LOVES Jesus, yes mam!
If only she could muster up a little enthusiasm.
Piper, Ella, Miss Patty Cake, and my niece Ansley

When Hunter was around 2 years old, we discovered Miss Patty Cake. Both he and Ella have spent many hours singing their hearts out while helping Miss Patty Cake tell her stories with the most dramatic of motions. So, though Hunter and Ella have kind of passed their Miss P.Cake stage, we couldn't pass up the chance to meet her and see her LIVE! My sister in law, Karen, works for the children's ministry at their church and invited us to their Christmas Extravaganza where Miss P.Cake was appearing. Karen even got to pick her up at the airport, and word is, she is just as full of energy in her regular life.
It did make me bit sad when Hunter opted to go see the Christian Magician instead of seeing Miss P.Cake. The relief on Scott's face when he realized he would get to take Hunter, instead of sit through Miss P.Cake, was classic. I tried to convince Hunter that used to LOVE Miss P. Cake and didn't he want to see her? "uh, no."
So, it was me and the girls. And me wrangling Piper, who desperately wanted to go touch Miss P.Cake in all of her stripey goodness.

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