Thursday, January 18, 2007

9 months old!!!

Our little cherub is nine months old. Our days are full of thoughts and prayers for her and getting ready for our trip. Every night Ella prays for her that God would "keep her healthy and warm and give her good food to eat", and then she says " and I know God will answer that prayer!".
There are soooooo many details to take of. We have a wonderful woman from our agency who is walking us through what must be done each day. She emails us several items a day. Right now we are finishing up our shots, getting prescriptions for meds for us and the baby that we may need in China, looking into flights and travel plans, trying to figure out what water will be safe for us to drink, reading and rereading packing lists, gathering gifts for the orphanage workers, preparing Piper's room and clothes, preparing H & E, getting things organized for us to be gone, and the list goes on and on and on!
As I write this its about 11:00 pm in China. Piper has had her bottle of formula and egg yolk, and is hopefully, nestled warm in her blankets dreaming sweet dreams. I cannot express how much we treasure knowing that others are praying for her too! Thank you.

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