Saturday, January 06, 2007

Anyone read Chinese???

Pictures of Piper's orphanage...
They sometimes sleep 2 to a bed.
Click on a picture to enlarge.

From the bits and pieces we can put together from Piper Grace's report, she was about 4 months old in the pictures we have received so far, with one of them being much younger than that. There is a lot of information in the report, but we just cannot read it! I am so tempted to go to a Chinese restaurant and ask someone if they can read it for us. We should receive the translated version from our agency at anytime now, but I want it now - wa, wa, wa! A friend from our agency who lives close by taught me how to read the numbers. I think Piper was brought to the orphanage on her birthday, April 18th, and weighed about 7.5 pounds. I think at 4 months she was 12 pounds, but this is based on me reading the Chinese numbers.
We have joined a yahoo group with parents who have adopted from her orphanage and are learning so much wonderful information from them. The parents are extremely happy with how their babies were cared for there and have shared information which is just invaluable to us. Her orphanage has a special nutritional program sponsered by a wonderul charity, Love Without Boundaries, whose goal is to improve the lives of China's orphans. They are supplying her orphanage with high quality formula.
God is great!

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