Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Finally, Our Girl!!!!

Itty bitty baby picture

4 months old "Do not be afraid, for I am with you ; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west." Isaiah 43:5

There are no words to describe the emotions of this day! We are thrilled, overjoyed, and relieved beyond measure. We are filled with gratitude to our Lord for this unbelievable gift.

Her name is Xiu Fu Zhu and she is 8.5 months old! Her birthday is 4-18-06, and God willing, she will be home well before her 1st Bday. According to her paperwork, she is very healthy, has a ready smile, laughs out loud, is fond of listening, active(uh-oh!), quick in reaction. At 4 months old she could locate sounds, visually track toys, roll back to front, front to back by herself, hold head up well when on her tummy, and is a "moderate" sleeper...hmmm, wonder what that means! She is at the Xiushan Social Welfare Institution (orphanage) in the Chongqing Province, sort of central China. I found some pictures of the baby room at her orphanage and it is pretty rough, but the babies look happy and well cared for.
We think the first picture was taken when she was fairly young. The other pictures are at about 4 months. We may get more updated pictures later, before we travel. How about that Teletubbies outfit?!!! She doesn't look too happy about it!

We will finalize her name tonight. We're pretty sure of her name, but want to take a few hours to stare at her picture first! She is so precious and just looks "familiar" to me.

Thank you, Lord!
We love you sweet girl!


Christie said...

Dena & Scott -
Words cannot express how happy we are for you and your family. Your daughter is beautiful and I am jumping for joy inside at your long awaited blessing. I have been checking back all day long and isn't she just worth the wait?!?! What a cutie...

-The Buchers

Scott and Dena said...

Worth the wait describes her perfectly! All of the time, struggles, everything its taken to get to this place is sooo worth it. Hang in there!

Colorado said...

Dena, Scott, Hunter, & Ella -
We are so excited to see our new cousin and niece. She is absolutely beautiful. We can not wait to see her.


Ryleigh, Sydney, Uncle Paul, and Aunt Kristine

Anonymous said...

Dena, Scott & Angels - Karen just called with the site and we can't tell you how overjoyed we are for you all. What a blessing and what a wonderful way to start your New Year -- with a precious new gift from God. Oh what a wonderful home she is coming to!!!!!

Hugs & Kisses - Ellis & Brenda