Friday, January 26, 2007


Well of course we are, but now it's official! We were totally surprised yesterday to find out that we received our Travel Approval yesterday. We weren't expecting it for another 3 weeks. I think this is the first time in 2 years that we've been surprised by something going quicker than expected, I like these surprises MUCH better! Travel Approval means that we can now make our Consulate Appointment, which happens at the end of our trip, and then make travel plans based on that. We will hopefully have our CA (Consulate Appointment) confirmed by Monday, and then book all of our transportation and hotel. It also means that the CCAA has contacted Piper Grace's orphanage and let them know that she has a family and will be adopted. They have made sure that she is still healthy and she is ready for us.
Right now, we think we will leave the weekend of February 24th and receive Piper on Monday February 26th, 1 month from today. We are sooooo excited! Hunter was so excited about it last night as we put him to bed, he just couldn't quite smiling.
I found this map on someone's website. It shows Chongqing, Piper's province, where we will be when we receive her and for the first week with her. It also show Guangzhou, where we will end our trip at the U.S. Consulate.
We would really appreciate your prayers as we make all of our travel plans and book our flights. This weekend we have to compare flights, travel times, costs, etc., and come to a decision so we are ready on Monday to book everything. Our travel coordinator, Patricia, told us to get ready because next week would be "Busy with a capital B"!
We are really grateful to God that He has taken care of so many details. We have our renewed I-171H in record time and now our Travel Approval in record time.

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