Sunday, January 07, 2007

Getting to know our little girl

We woke up to find our translated documents in our email box this morning. My favorite parts are the ones that describe Xiu Fu Zhu (Piper Grace).
"At 4 months, Xiu Fu Zhu gives you a big, bright smile. When under her blankets, she also likes to kick her legs and wave her hands in excitement (sound like anyone you know?!). When pulled to a standing position, she can support her body with her legs, and can also stomp her feet. Xiu Fu Zhu is a very smart little baby girl. She can recognize her caretaker from a crowd and shows interest in her surroundings. Xiu Fu Zhu is an extroverted, active little cherub who likes to smile. She has fair skin, and a gentle manner. We wish that this pretty flower will bloom to all her colors under the sun." There is a lot of information about her eating and sleeping habits, her medical exams and blood tests that were taken each month. We covet your prayers for her each day.
We long to go get her, but will probably have to wait until the end of February. Please pray the I-171H from our government will get here very soon so we will not be delayed in traveling. Of course they just came up with a new rule that you can't even schedule your US Consulate appointment in China until you have your new I-171H, and you can't schedule travel until you have your Consulate appointment! So we are waiting on travel approval from China and our I-171H from Homeland Security. We will have her medical forms and information evaluated by a doctor tomorrow.
So, please pray for our "extroverted, active little cherub". We pray that God would keep her healthy, happy, protected, and loved, and that He would be with her there in the orphanage, preparing her for us and us for her.

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