Thursday, January 11, 2007

Family of 5

I'm trying to really soak up every moment of this journey to PG. I was telling my friend Linda the other day that it is the smallest, seemingly insignificant moments that seem to fly around a corner and take me surprise. After we had gotten the good report from the doctor, I had to go to Fed Ex to send in our official acceptance letter. It was one of the many things on my "to do" list that day, something to be checked off so I could get on with the other tasks of the day. But as I pulled into the Fed Ex parking lot, a wave of emotion hit me out of nowhere. I sat in my car and just boo-hooed as I looked at the acceptance letter written in Chinese with the English words underneath, with both of our signatures at the bottom. I walked into Fed Ex, wondering if anyone could tell that I had just given birth in the parking lot. The man at the counter assured me he would take extra good care of my letter.
I read this quote from Beth Moore this morning and it so clearly articulated so many moments on this road to Piper Grace:
"Like all families, we will have sorrows and losses amid daily doses of dishes and dog hair. But when a near-perfect moment comes, I hope we always choose to take it. To stop long enough to feel it."
Please pray for Piper today!

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