Sunday, March 02, 2008


"Twash LOUD!" she kept saying.

I'm in a major simplifying, cleaning out, getting rid of stage right now. Most of the toys we are parting with get donated, but as I was secretly collecting my little treasures to haul away the other day, I couldn't bring myself to donate one of Hunter's toys.

It was with great glee that I picked up this plastic siren thingy that screeches loudly with each push of one it's 10 annoying buttons. I put it in my secret bag where toys go to say their last goodbyes, unbeknownst to the 3 little ones.

But... I have this little problem of over thinking even the smallest of decisions. As I went to hide my stash, with that annoying screechy thingy on top, I mentally followed this little toy's new path. I would donate it to the local resale shop where the proceeds go to charity, and then some unknowing 1st time mom would buy it for their little tot, take it home, and then curse the person who gave it away, knowing the torment all those LOUD screechy sirens would cause.

And I really don't like being cursed. At all.

I could not knowingly pass it along, so in the spirit of sisterhood, I secretly placed it in the bottom of the kitchen trash.

Occasionally when the trash is full, I will place it by the back door, hoping the trash fairy will come take it out for me. It happened once back in 1997.

So, on her way to searching for an open bathroom door, Piper spotted it, and as all good 22 month olds would do, began dragging it behind her.

Well, much to her surprise (and mine), the trash screeched, oh so loudly, at her, as flashing lights blinked on and off through the bag. I don't think I've ever seen that version of shock on Piper's face before! But once she got over her initial terror, she settled into playing with the bag of trash for a good part of the morning.

And really, insulated by old diapers and milk cartons, those sirens weren't so terrible. Maybe I shouldn't have thrown it away after all...

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Melissa said...

Madelyn has a thing for trash too. We ditched the diaper pails - genie and champ - and went straight to putting all the poos in grocery bags. M likes to get those bags and swing them around, drag them through the house, and carrying them like it's the best toy ever.