Monday, March 03, 2008

Hello, my name is Dena and PMS is real.

This is a public apology for all of the private thoughts I've had over the years about women/friends who complained of PMS. I plead ignorance. I didn't know. I do now.

It started sometime after I had Ella, 5 year ago. It seems to be getting a little worse each month. So by the time I go through menopause, I'll probably be living by myself, in a box somewhere, and happy about it, because, HELLO, no one will talk to me there.

For 2 days every month, I want to run far, far away - without the running of course. I feel like if I could just not have anyone talk to me, I'd be fine. The other members of my family don't seem to understand how revolutionary those two days could be if they just wouldn't say anything, thankyouverymuch. The 2 other females in the house seem to feeding off of my irritability, and the picture is not pretty this morning.

Piper kept saying "EGG - WANT IT - NOW!!!!"

So, I gave her a hard boiled egg, cut up nicely on her plate, only to have her toss it on the floor. "EGG - NO WANT IT!!!"

It's cloudy and rainy here. I do realize in the big scheme of things, PMS is not the end of the world. It just makes you wish it were!

I'll be darn if Piper just didn't come up to me and say,
"EGG -WANT IT! Now!!!"

Lord, help us.


Peapod Four said...

: ]
lips are zipped. Just sitting here quietly. ; )

Melissa said...

This is why I'm happy to only have one daughter. If I had to live with more than one girl plus myself, I'd go insane....oh, wait a minute, I'm already there. I never understood the whole PMS thing either until this past year and now I know. It's horrible.

Room for Grace said...

Julie, you made me laugh out loud!

Melissa, I know, I'm very afraid of the teenage years. I'll be having hot flashes while their hormones rage. I just keep thinking maybe Jesus will return by then!!!