Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

It's been a great day around here. Nothing too out of the ordinary. I just love days like this where everyone in the family seems to have had a great day, getting their cups filled in just the way they needed it.

I needed to get a lot done today - 4 loads of laundry, bathrooms cleaned, floors mopped, grocery list made....and on it goes. We are having our family over here on Easter so there will be 15 of us here for lunch on Sunday. I am so glad to have my family close by, what a blessing!

One of Ella's sweet friends came over and they played and played and played some more while Piper and I cleaned together. It was so cute listening to Ella and her friend play "orphanage nannies". They were so busy lovin on their babies as they chatted in "Chinese", and took pictures of the babies with their Barbie cell phones!

All the while I got to listen to some great teaching by Chip Ingram. Oh, I got me a word, yes I did!!! Go here, and listen to a great, great message (titled "What difference does it really make?") on how to break through the familiar of Easter(church, family, etc.) and experience the supernatural - awesome!

Meanwhile, Scott took Hunter to one of his favorite places on earth, a local nature/wildlife preserve. They had lunch together on a hill top, counting 64 turtles and enjoying the gorgeous creation before them, just about to burst with spring. This fills Hunter's cup like nothing else, and I am so glad they got spend Good Friday together out in beautiful weather, enjoying the Creator's handiwork.

I'm going to go listen to that Chip Ingram message again...

Have a great weekend!

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