Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another adoption miracle

For almost 2 years I have followed the website of a little boy named Jacob Duckworth in Florida (along with hundreds of thousands of others). His mom wrote such heartfelt, honest, uplifting posts about Jacob's long battle with cancer. He went to heaven over a year ago and I cried, though I'd never met him. He was one of triplets who are about the same age as my Hunter (7). About 9 months before he died, the doctors told his family the end was very near and that whoever wanted to see him should do so right away. Their family flew in and gathered around him, still praying for a miracle. Well, they got one, as people from all over the world prayed for him. He made a remarkable recovery and ended up coming out of the hospital and starting school. Most of his last 9 months were healthy, happy times for his family. They are a truly special family, and I am so happy for them as they are in Guatemala adopting a beautiful baby girl right now. She is so adorable and I can just imagine the joy they are feeling right now. Go here now, and be blessed!

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