Thursday, August 30, 2007

Just because I care...

I was talking to my mom on the phone the other day and she was telling me how for the first time in a very long time, she and my dad felt a little bit 'normal'. He is finished with radiation , is on a 3 week break from chemo, and has gotten the OK from the doctor to drive. So that day, he'd been able to go a few places on his own - to the store, stopped by to see a friend, etc.. Meanwhile my mom went to lunch with a friend. She said it was good to have a day that wasn't all about cancer.

After we got off the phone, the wheels of my brain began to turn (you could have heard it had you been within 5 miles). You know, I think I could help them out with this feeling normal thing. I mean, what would feel more normal than me offering up one of my children up for an overnighter?

So I set out to 'bless their socks off', and offered to have Ella spend the night tonight. Yes, it's a sacrifice on my part, but you know, that's just what family is for in a time like this. And, I am caring like that.

Ella is SO! EXCITED! because her Grandma likes to MAKE! STUFF! and her Papa can FIX! ANY! PROBLEM!!

Yes, I am a lot like Mother Theresa. When I am not 'blessing' others, I am actually saving lives. Well, one life really. This one 16 month old life bent on seriously harming herself ALL DAY LONG. I know I have used up my lifetime quota of capital letters in this one post, but this is serious business. I think we are making progress though, at least now Piper shakes her head 'no-no' as she is climbing on the table.

It's a start.

I am absolutely not smiling from ear to ear as I pack Ella's overnight bag.


Christie said...

You make me laugh...and I really love to laugh - so thank you for this!

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

They will love having Ella over..
And thank you soooo much for checking in on me..
I am leaving Thursday morning and will stay until Monday...
Today my mom said he had a spell where he didn't remember what he did.. He drove into rehab and never got my grandmother her breakfast or anything.. so it wasn't a very good day... He is worried why he did that... not understanding..
Once again.. thank you so much for checking in on me..