Saturday, August 04, 2007

It's a cry'n shame, I tell you

We don't really know the people who live directly behind us. I believe they both work because, you know, THEY ARE NEVER HOME, ever. We are good friends with our next door neighbors, but have never really hit it off with the ones behind us, I guess we'd have to, you know, see them first. Here's where the story gets sad. They had a gorgeous pool and outdoor kitchen area built this spring. It's been completed since April. I watched it go in, as I am home, just about ALL THE TIME. From our upstairs window I can see most of it. They had 4 palm trees planted, I can hear the sound of the waterfall from our backyard, but I have never once, no not once, seen or heard anyone in the pool, EVER. I saw the man of the family in the backyard ONE time back in April, hosing down the new stone patio, while me, my mom, and sister-in-law were "taking a walk" right by their iron fence, right after the pool went in. That's it. It is a beautiful, hot, sunny Saturday here - what could they be doing??? It's just not right. I do realize I've become semi-obsessed, but it's just 25 levels of wrong to not use a pool that gorgeous. It's August, people, if not now, when?

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