Thursday, August 30, 2007

The family Time Keeper goes to 1st grade

My world changed the day Hunter learned to tell time. Before that, he would say, "Mommy are we going to be late?"

"No, we have plenty of time, we're fine", as I ran around barking out orders and throwing anything that stood in my way.

He was 5 minutes late ONE DAY last year and that was it, the days of simply trusting me were over. I swear he learned to tell time the next day.

So, Friday afternoon we went to Meet the Teacher at his school and met Mrs. Smith. She has that sweet look about her and I immediately felt I would like her.

I just know we had told Hunter at least 150 times that school started on MONDAY, after the weekend. However, at 5:30 AM on SATURDAY MORNING he was at my bedside, worried we were going to be late for school. "Oh sweetheart, you are 48 HOURS EARLY, even I can get us ready by then!"

We just completed our 4th morning of getting him to school, and though we've made it, we've cut it close a few times and I know I will be paying for that until at least Christmas. This morning I found myself standing at the coffee pot, mentally going through what I needed to do. I needed to get dressed and make Hunter's lunch. I started getting out the peanut butter, but caught myself having this thought: "If Hunter comes down here and sees that I'm not dressed, he's going to be on my case for the rest of the morning. I'll get dressed first and that will make him think I'm further along than I really am."

It totally worked, ya'll. When he came down and saw me making his lunch, already dressed, he took a deep breath, smiled and looked at the clock. Instead of the constant "T minus 5 minutes", he said "just holler when you're ready, mommy".
It's going to be a good day, indeed. I am still smarter than a first grader.

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