Friday, August 03, 2007

Quilt Update

Julie asked in the comments about Piper's Good Wishes Quilt. It was funny b/c my mom and I had just discussed it. The quilt squares were a wonderful surprise for Piper at her baby shower thrown by my buddies at the end of April. My mom's friend is going to put all of them together into a quilt for Piper. Each square came with a hope or a bible verse for Piper written by the person who gave her that fabric square. My mom has also received some in the mail from people who were not able to come to the shower. I have not counted how many we have. The week after the shower was the week we found out that my dad has cancer. At that point, life took on a life of it's own and we have not had the quilt made yet. So, if anyone out there wants to send her a square, leave it in the comments and I will send the info. via email to you.
I really want to incorporate some material from her time in China into the quilt. The only material we have was what she was wearing on the day we met her. I feel weird about cutting a square out. Do I put it in the quilt or leave it in tact?
I love the thought of her being wrapped in the love that the quilt represents. I love the thought of her wrapping her own child in the quilt someday.

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Julie said...

Sorry I'm so slow responding to this. Since I'm working for a few days I'm a little short on computer time! I grabbed a few minutes tonight and I'm anxious to read the parenting post you put up and the other story too.

I definitely want to send you some fabric if that's ok! I wanted to do it when I first read about the quilt, but I got busy and pushed it to the back of my mind. There's a link on my blog called Peapod Email. That'll give you a place to email me an address. I'll try to send it in the next week. I think that quilt is such a wonderful idea...I've been telling all my friends about it. You'll have to post a picture when you get it all done someday. (How's that for a little accountability? Just kidding...quilts take a long time to make! My mom and grandma used to quilt all the time. It's something I'd like to learn.)

So much for quick comment...this is turning into a letter!