Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"Hello, this is the principal, I have your son in my office..."

Hunter's principal sure knows how to get our attention! This morning she called and Scott answered the phone while I was at the store. It's amazing how many things can run through your mind in a matter of seconds when you've been informed that your 1st grader is sitting in the Principal's office.

Well, it turns out that our firstborn is one of the first kids in his entire school to be chosen for a special award which he will receive on Friday at a school wide assembly! Scott didn't quite get what the award was for exactly, something about being responsible, respectful, and some other r word - radical maybe, no that's not it.

Anyway, we are bursting with pride today, and I just had shout it from the cyberweb thingy!

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Julie said...

That's awesome Hunter! Congratulations!!